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  • Cold Sore Myths

    There are many myths and misconceptions about herpes that can lead to misunderstandings and stigma about the condition. Here are a few common myths about herpes:
  • Herpes in Marsupials

    Click for YouTube    In 1975 a group of captive Parma Wallabies started to seemingly die for no reason and the remaining population appeared to all...
  • Where Does Herpes Live?

    For HSV1 (cold sores, facial/ oral herpes) it will take up residence in the ...
  • Herpes and Pregnancy, Briefly.

    This was a tough one to research. There is information out there about this but the tough part is the rare cases when herpes transmits to the newbo...
  • How old is Herpes?

    This is a question almost nobody has ever thought about; I have, but I’m weird like that. This virus infects approximately two thirds of the curren...
  • Herpes Through History

    Herpes Simplex Virus. Were did the name for the virus come from?

    A brief history of the virus over the last 2400 years.