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What is this science we mention?

This is the summary:

"Extracts and essential oils of medicinal plants are increasingly of interest as novel drugs of antimicrobial and antiviral agents, since herpes simplex virus (HSV) might develop resistance to commonly used antiviral agents. Melissa officinalis essential oil was phytochemically examined by GC-MS analysis, its main constituents were identified as monoterpenaldehydes citral a, citral b and citronellal. The antiviral effect of lemon balm oil, the essential oil of Melissa officinalis, on herpes simplex virus was examined. The inhibitory activity against herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) was tested in vitro on monkey kidney cells using a plaque reduction assay. The 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) of balm oil for herpes simplex virus plaque formation was determined at high dilutions of 0.0004% and 0.00008% for HSV-1 and HSV-2, respectively. At noncytotoxic concentrations of the oil,plaque formation was significantly reduced by 98.8% for HSV-1 and 97.2% for HSV-2, higher concentrations of lemon balm oil abolished viral infectivity nearly completely. In order to determine the mode of antiviral action of this essential oil, time-on-addition assays were performed. Both herpesviruses were significantly inhibited by pretreatment with balm oil prior to infection of cells. These results indicate that Melissa oil affected the virus before adsorption, but not after penetration into the host cell, thus lemon balm oil is capable of exerting a direct antiviral effect on herpesviruses. Considering the lipophilic nature of lemon balm essential oil, which enables it to penetrate the skin, and a high selectivity index, Melissa officinalis oil might be suitable for topical treatment of herpetic infections."


What is Melissa Oil?

Melissa Oil is Lemon Balm Oil, balm, common balm or balm mint. It comes from the plant Melissa officinalis, hence why it is called Melissa Oil.

Essential oil quality?

We only use cosmetic grade essential oils.

Does it work?

We have had amazing success with it. Our youngest son contract HSV 1 (cold sore virus) when he was 10 months old. We trialed many different things and this was by the most successful, over the preceding two year-ish period (Oct 2016 to Jan 2019) he has had one breakout. A small blister that was gone in two days or so.


Will it work for me?

Statistically yes, it will. Our lip balms have helped the vast majority of of people who use it. Also please take into account that this is just another tool to help care for cold sores, like Lysine and a good multi-vitamin.

Is this a cure?

NO, NO, NO, this is not a cure sadly. We use an essential oil which has be proven to stop or lessen an outbreak. We would love nothing more then to go bust because there's a cure. 

The tube and contents?

The tube is recyclable so please dispose of it thoughtfully. The tube contains around 6 grams of balm so you always have over the stated 5 grams.

TGA approved?

We are not TGA approved as yet and currently our products can not be classified as therapeutic goods only cosmetic. We are currently working our way towards this and feel free to ask us what stage we are at.

I can't turn the tube and have to use my fingernail to get the balm out.

If this happens please give the bottom a firm twist. When the balm sets in the tube it does seal against the side wall of the tube causing a slight vacuum effect.

Stockist Information

If you would like to stock any or all of our lip balm varieties then contact us on 0421601569 or littlefoxlipbalm@gmail.com