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Sue Review

Sue Larcombe-Gigney Ok Mat, you asked me to let you know what I thought. It's fantastic! I sell products on-line mysrlf and am so impressed I have promoted it on my own page. This is what I wrote and I hope I can help you with more sales 💞

So one of these is not (insert 
own products) 😮 however I'm still going to tell you about it because I've just used it for the first time on my cold sore and wow!

I rarely get cold sores now since I started using my lip balm, top in the pic, which is (My brand). My last one was 8 months ago when I got caught in the sun and had forgotten to put it on. Before using this I got them all the time! Remember I live in Broome, it's sunny here all year long. I've found it really protects against sunburn and wind damage and it never leaves my lips dry like other balms have in the past.
If you suffer from cold sores from sunburn, you need this in your life!

However, on Monday afternoon I thought I felt one coming on. The tourist season up here is crazy busy and we pretty much burn the candle at both ends. Getting run down is a sure thing for an outbreak if you are a cold sore sufferer, unfortunately a sun protection balm can't stop that. I was extremely busy with my hairdressing that day and didn't give it another thought until that evening and by then the little blister was forming under the skin.

I had bought the second lip balm off of a Facebook page only about 3 weeks ago. A promise of stopping cold sores in their tracks! If you suffer from them then you'll understand the pain and unsightliness of them and know you'll try anything that could possibly help from hot teaspoons to ice to whatever 😂😂

So, that night I popped some on, and have repeated several times a day since. As I had left it until the blister was already there, of course it could not prevent it from forming but guess what? It didn't get any bigger, it didn't get all pus-like and scabby nor did it get as painful as usual and did I didn't get any bigger. This morning the top of it slid off and while I can still feel the skin is not yet healed the cold sore is basically gone. No one ever knew I even had one. That's 2.5 days, it usually takes a week for mine to heal.

You may wonder why I'm promoting this on my own products page.

This is why. I found (My brand) and the PRODUCTS WORK, no lies! I love them and I want to share them with everyone, I want you all to try them so you can love them too and get results.

This lip balm has worked on my cold sore, so of course I want to tell you about it. It works!

Little fox lip balm
(All below is from their add, I have not studied this for myself)

Plant based ingredients
Recyclable packaging
Australian made and owned

Several studies have found that Melissa (lemon balm) oil has astounding effects on HSV-1 & 2
Cold sores can be a real problem

You can find this at